Tips for cleaning a very messy home


Not everyone is naturally neat and tidy; many people, particularly those with hectic schedules, find it hard to keep up with household chores. Because of this, over time, their homes begin to look more and more cluttered, chaotic and messy.  If this sounds familiar, don't worry; there are plenty of simple steps you can take to get your house looking like new again. Rent a skip bin If it has been several months (or even years!

22 September 2016

Different Varieties of Heat Pumps You Could Consider

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If you are contemplating additional heating in your home, one of the heating systems you will come across are heat pumps. However, opting for heat pumps is not as simple as choosing the first or the cheapest option you come across. These pumps come on a variety of designs to suit different styles of homes as well as different heating needs for individual homeowners. Making a choice of heat pump would depend on the type of energy you will use it with as well as your preferred system of energy distribution in your home.

31 August 2016

Domestic sewage treatment 101 | Caring for your septic tank during winter.

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Domestic sewage treatment plans are common where there's no connection to the main sewer system provided by the government, and septic tank systems are a perfect option when dealing with domestic sewage. They are effective, out of sight and odour free. They are also very durable and will last indefinitely as long as they are properly constructed. However, the responsibility of taking care of them falls solely on your hands. Proper maintenance is particularly necessary during the winter months when the harsh weather conditions can stress your septic system or even freeze it.

29 August 2016

Four Reasons Your Hotel Should Embrace Solar Power

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As a hotel owner, you may be wondering if solar power is right for your hotel. The answer is yes, as switching to solar power offers a range of benefits for your business. Here's a look at the top four benefits: 1. Solar power helps you save money. As a free renewable energy, solar power has the ability to save you a lot of money compared to using fossil fuels to meet your hotel's needs for power.

26 August 2016

Deodorize Your Skip Bin: Tips to Get Rid of Bad Odour from Your Bin

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Skip bins save you a great deal of trouble dealing with accumulated waste from your home. This waste can come from different places such as your kitchen leftovers, dirt from cleaning your house or even your garden. When the waste lies there for a while, odour causing bacteria creeps in, and that's where the trouble starts. Here are a few tips to get rid of that odour and leave your skip bins smelling fresh all day.

24 August 2016

As a Developer, Have You Considered These Features for Your New Subdivision?

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A developer may buy up a very large plot of land and plan an entire subdivision, working with a builder to erect homes and then also to bring in shops and other such features that will attract homebuyers. If you're such a developer, you may have considered the overall look and size of the homes to be built and the layout of the subdivision, but you may have missed many other aspects of developing the subdivision properly.

23 August 2016

Is Sick Building Syndrome Different from Building Related Illness?

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The need to be energy-efficient has led people to construct homes with airtight building envelops. This has had some negative effects, such as reducing how well buildings are ventilated. As a result, sick building syndrome and building related illnesses are on the rise. This article discusses how sick building syndrome (SBS) and building related illness (BRI) differ. Use this information to help you to identify which of these two conditions could be affecting you.

16 August 2016

What Makes Your Acoustics So Terrible?

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If you have noticed problem in sound carrying and lots of echoing in your building, you may need to take steps to better the acoustics. Here are checkpoints and problem areas that you may need to fix including doors, windows, and walls. Doors and Windows Doors are often not built to adequately block sound. Make sure that the doors and the windows seal well. If the door does not seal tightly over the floor, you can consider adding a sweep-seal along the bottom to keep sound from escaping.

15 August 2016

How Water Quality Affects Solar Water Heaters

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The efficiency of any solar water heater is likely to be affected by the quality of the water to which that heater is exposed. Here is how water quality plays such an important role in the performance of a solar water heater. What Is Meant By Water Quality? In this case, water quality refers to the extent to which your water is affected by dissolved minerals. Most water supplies contain a variety of dissolved minerals.

31 May 2016

Going To Ground: Preparing Heavy Clay Soils For Palmetto Buffalo Turf

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When it comes to choosing an ornamental turf that combines beauty with superb resistance to droughts and punishing Australian summers, it's hard to beat Palmetto Buffalo grass. The soft, fine leaves of Palmetto are far hardier than they might seem, and are capable of thriving in surprisingly harsh conditions. However, no turf can be expected to grow well when laid on poor, unprepared soil, and Palmetto grass is no different. Soils that are rich in clay can drastically undermine the growth of your new turf, preventing the grass from rooting properly and causing it to wither and die quickly.

20 May 2016