Tips for cleaning a very messy home


Not everyone is naturally neat and tidy; many people, particularly those with hectic schedules, find it hard to keep up with household chores. Because of this, over time, their homes begin to look more and more cluttered, chaotic and messy.  If this sounds familiar, don't worry; there are plenty of simple steps you can take to get your house looking like new again.

Rent a skip bin

If it has been several months (or even years!) since you last deep-cleaned your property, you have probably accumulated a huge amount of unwanted clutter and rubbish. If this is the case, it may be helpful to hire out a skip bin for the duration of your cleaning spree; doing so will save you from having to traipse back and forth from your nearest rubbish dump with multiple refuse bags, and thus give you more time to focus on tidying your house. Skip bin services are now widely available in most major towns and cities; simply look in the business directory or check online for a local provider. .

De-clutter first

There is no point attempting to dust, mop or hoover before you have removed all of the unnecessary clutter from your house, as this 'stuff' will only serve as an obstacle that will prevent you from properly cleaning all of the various nooks and crannies of your property. De-cluttering a particularly messy home can be daunting at first, but with the help of a friend or some family members (and the aforementioned skip bin), it is achievable. Tackle one room at a time, and place all of the items you find into one of the following piles; things you wish to keep, things that are to be thrown out and things that can be sold or donated. Make sure to put the 'to keep' items back in their correct places around the home before you move onto the next room.

Begin with the basics

After clearing away the clutter and visible rubbish, the next step is to move on to cleaning. Begin with the basics; do all of the laundry, wash the dishes and  wipe down all of the flat surfaces in each room of your house, including not only the countertops and tables, but also the mantle, the windowsills, the dressing tables and the chests of drawers. Once this is completed, sweep, hoover and mop the floors of your home.

These steps should have already made a dramatic difference to the appearance of your property. However if you have the energy, time and the motivation, try to finish off your cleaning spree with the following jobs; laundering the cushion and sofa covers, dusting the light fixtures, polishing the metal door knobs and drawer handles and spot-cleaning your carpets; these seemingly small details will take your home from simply 'tidy' to 'sparkling clean'. 


22 September 2016

Energy efficiency in our school

It is important to let people know how much energy they are using with normal tasks around the school so they can make some sensible decisions about how they use appliances. We want to make sure that everyone at the school understands the focus on our usage and the effect that we can have on the environment, as well as the larger decision that the school is making such as motion-sensitive lights and replacing our energy-hogging older devices with new lower power using appliances. This blog talks about how to improve the energy efficiency of schools and will be useful for school administrators.