Different Varieties of Heat Pumps You Could Consider

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If you are contemplating additional heating in your home, one of the heating systems you will come across are heat pumps. However, opting for heat pumps is not as simple as choosing the first or the cheapest option you come across. These pumps come on a variety of designs to suit different styles of homes as well as different heating needs for individual homeowners. Making a choice of heat pump would depend on the type of energy you will use it with as well as your preferred system of energy distribution in your home. Here are some of the varieties of heat pumps that you could consider for your residence.

Liquid to air systems

This type of heat pump systems is also referred to as an R series heating system. It functions to provide your home with heating and cooling using your domestic hot water system and ductwork around the home. It does this by pumping hot air from your domestic hot water systems through the ductwork. This type of heat pump system is suitable for homeowners who already have a forced air ductwork system installed in their homes. It could also be an ideal option if you are embarking on renovations and opt to install new ductwork as your structure is being constructed.

Liquid to water systems

If you are looking to install a heat pump so as to provide in floor heating or perhaps heat a swimming pool, then this would be a suitable heat pump for your needs. The heat pump will pass hot water through the heating system, thus providing radiant heat wherever it is needed. These heat pumps can be operated by both an open and a closed loop system. In addition to this, the heat pumps are reversible and can meet your cooling needs during the summer. All you would need to do is install hydronic fans coils at the different areas in your home that you would want cooling, thus creating zoned cooling areas.

Liquid to water and air systems

If you are constructing a new residence and would like to incorporate both radiant heating as well as install a network of ducts to facilitate air conditioning, then you should consider a heat pump that works with liquid to water and air systems. This type of heat pump will facilitate the heating of your home by pumping hot water for radiant heating as well as pump hot or cold air for your ducted system.


31 August 2016

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