As a Developer, Have You Considered These Features for Your New Subdivision?

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A developer may buy up a very large plot of land and plan an entire subdivision, working with a builder to erect homes and then also to bring in shops and other such features that will attract homebuyers. If you're such a developer, you may have considered the overall look and size of the homes to be built and the layout of the subdivision, but you may have missed many other aspects of developing the subdivision properly. An urban planner can help you with many of these details; note a few aspects of their job that can help you ensure your new development is ready for buyers and is very desirable for those looking for new homes.


When considering the utilities running to the area which you'll be developing, you may have checked the water and electrical lines to ensure they can easily support the homes you'll be having built. However, what about communications and even entertainment? Older cable lines may not be able to support the new demands for internet access that many people expect today and may not allow for the bandwidth needed to provide for computers, watching movies online, and the like. An urban planner can work with communications companies to ensure that their equipment and cables are updated and sufficient for the new demands they can expect, and that internet access is easily provided in your new subdivision.

Zoning changes

When you buy a plot of land, it will usually be zoned in a particular way, and you may have ensured it was zoned for residential building before purchasing it; however, what about residents who may want to run a business from their home, such as a daycare? If the land connected to each home is quite expansive, they may want to have a small family farm or dairy ranch. An urban planner can help you determine the zoning laws that would affect such businesses and if you should consider having them changed or allowing for variances, especially if such businesses are common in nearby areas. 

On the other hand, the development you're planning may be in a congested area where residents may not want to see businesses in their subdivision. Businesses increase traffic and noise, and some residents may prefer a quiet setting for their home. An urban planner can help you determine if zoning laws are not easily changed in that area so that you can assure prospective homebuyers that no businesses will be run from a neighbor's home.  


23 August 2016

Energy efficiency in our school

It is important to let people know how much energy they are using with normal tasks around the school so they can make some sensible decisions about how they use appliances. We want to make sure that everyone at the school understands the focus on our usage and the effect that we can have on the environment, as well as the larger decision that the school is making such as motion-sensitive lights and replacing our energy-hogging older devices with new lower power using appliances. This blog talks about how to improve the energy efficiency of schools and will be useful for school administrators.