Four Reasons Your Hotel Should Embrace Solar Power

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As a hotel owner, you may be wondering if solar power is right for your hotel. The answer is yes, as switching to solar power offers a range of benefits for your business. Here's a look at the top four benefits:

1. Solar power helps you save money.

As a free renewable energy, solar power has the ability to save you a lot of money compared to using fossil fuels to meet your hotel's needs for power. The only cost is the upfront cost associated with installing the solar power system and possibly some maintenance costs. Beyond that, however, solar power is virtually free.

2. Solar power offers a lot of options.

When you decide to switch your hotel over to solar power, you have a lot of options. You could install solar panels on the top of your roof or somewhere on your property if you have a lot of land. Then, those panels collect sunlight and turn it into energy which you can use to offset your electricity bill. In some cases, if you produce too much energy for your needs, you can sell it back to the power companies.

Alternatively, you could just switch your hot water heating to solar power. This offers massive benefits to hotel owners in particular as guests' showering and bathing takes up a significant amount of hot water. Additionally laundering bedding also uses lots of hot water. However, solar can help.

3. Solar hot water tanks can be stored on the roof.

If you decide to go with solar hot water tanks, you can put them on the roof of your hotel. As a result, you can get rid of the hot water tanks in your facility. In some cases, you may be able to turn that room into a useful space for your hotel such as an exercise room, a place to store extra linens or an extra office for a manager.

4. Solar power lets you sell your hotel as green.

If you are trying to appeal to travellers who like to be environmental, you may want to include solar elements so you can reference them in your marketing plan. All kinds of boutique hotels and even big brands are embracing green elements and using them to create a positive image in front of their clients. That could be anything from not laundering the sheets each night for guests who are staying multiple nights to using green power.



26 August 2016

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