Tips for cleaning a very messy home


Not everyone is naturally neat and tidy; many people, particularly those with hectic schedules, find it hard to keep up with household chores. Because of this, over time, their homes begin to look more and more cluttered, chaotic and messy.  If this sounds familiar, don't worry; there are plenty of simple steps you can take to get your house looking like new again. Rent a skip bin If it has been several months (or even years!

22 September 2016

Importance of routine mechanical maintenance for your cooling tower


If your plant depends on a cooling tower as an evaporative cooling device, then it's imperative that you carry out routine mechanical services to keep the heat exchanger functioning at optimum so that there's less downtime and you're not using more energy than necessary. As a plant manager, cooling tower mechanical services by a qualified service team can bring efficiency to your plant through the following means. Shaft realignment and tooling  

14 April 2016