Importance of routine mechanical maintenance for your cooling tower


If your plant depends on a cooling tower as an evaporative cooling device, then it's imperative that you carry out routine mechanical services to keep the heat exchanger functioning at optimum so that there's less downtime and you're not using more energy than necessary. As a plant manager, cooling tower mechanical services by a qualified service team can bring efficiency to your plant through the following means.

Shaft realignment and tooling  

The motor shaft is one of the most dynamic mechanical sections inside a cooling tower. It is tasked with providing mechanical movement to the fan which regulates air flow in the tower. Ultimately, the motor shaft can suffer from wear and tear resulting from friction. Generally, wear leads to misalignment of the shaft in addition to increased shuddering during function. When called upon, a mechanical service team can correctly realign the position of your motor shaft using computerized systems to attain better function and avert internal damage.

Motor rewind service

The winding coils located in the motor casing control the power production of your motor. Additionally, they also form the large share of the motor's system. When a problem involving production of power in the motor arises, a mechanical service team can provide a rewind service to re-establish the integrity of the existing motor eliminating the need to purchase a new replacement. Moreover, the rewind service may also help modify the motor's power production if there's need to further increase the capacity of the cooling tower.

Reconfiguring the fan system

The fan system is often exposed to constant movement and rubbing with fast moving air and overtime, this may impact negatively on the efficiency of your heat rejection device. The alignment of the fan blades, for instance, is crucial to the passage of air circulation not to mention the volume of air that may be released from the cooling tower on an hourly basis. What the service team will do is routinely realign both your fan and fan stack to make sure your cooling tower is releasing as much air via the tower as possible. This helps to capitalize on energy use as well as improve cooling speeds.

More often than not, cooling towers may fall into that category of out of sight, out of mind. Nevertheless, good tower maintenance is the ticket to trouble-free tower performance. Plant managers should hire the services of a competent mechanical service team (like those at Cooling Tower Sales & Service Pty Ltd) for routine tower maintenance.


14 April 2016

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