What Makes Your Acoustics So Terrible?

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If you have noticed problem in sound carrying and lots of echoing in your building, you may need to take steps to better the acoustics. Here are checkpoints and problem areas that you may need to fix including doors, windows, and walls. Doors and Windows Doors are often not built to adequately block sound. Make sure that the doors and the windows seal well. If the door does not seal tightly over the floor, you can consider adding a sweep-seal along the bottom to keep sound from escaping.

15 August 2016

How Water Quality Affects Solar Water Heaters

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The efficiency of any solar water heater is likely to be affected by the quality of the water to which that heater is exposed. Here is how water quality plays such an important role in the performance of a solar water heater. What Is Meant By Water Quality? In this case, water quality refers to the extent to which your water is affected by dissolved minerals. Most water supplies contain a variety of dissolved minerals.

31 May 2016

Going To Ground: Preparing Heavy Clay Soils For Palmetto Buffalo Turf

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When it comes to choosing an ornamental turf that combines beauty with superb resistance to droughts and punishing Australian summers, it's hard to beat Palmetto Buffalo grass. The soft, fine leaves of Palmetto are far hardier than they might seem, and are capable of thriving in surprisingly harsh conditions. However, no turf can be expected to grow well when laid on poor, unprepared soil, and Palmetto grass is no different. Soils that are rich in clay can drastically undermine the growth of your new turf, preventing the grass from rooting properly and causing it to wither and die quickly.

20 May 2016

4 Reasons Not to Top Your Tree

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The disturbing practice of topping trees is fast becoming too common in many neighbourhoods and communities. Topping happens when the vertical stem and scaffold branches on trees are cut to stubs. Reasons for topping often include reducing the height and spread of a tree that interferes with utility lines or poses a safety hazard to adjacent structures. Topping is also referred to as dehorning, stubbing or heading. In the end, the trees are stripped of all pride and grace.

25 April 2016

Top Tips for Saving Money on Landscaping Supplies for Your Veggie Garden

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When starting a veggie patch in your backyard from scratch, purchasing all the tools and supplies you need can be a very costly endeavour. Also, to ensure the food you grow for your family is healthy, it is important that you have landscaping supplies that are free from contaminants. If you're building or renovating your veggie patch, check out these top tips to help you save money on landscaping supplies.

15 April 2016

What You Should Know About Cleaning Your Air Ducts

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If you have a central heating and air conditioning system in your home, you also have air ducts. The ductwork generally doesn't need much maintenance, but occasionally it will need to be cleaned out. Here are some things to know about cleaning the air ducts. Why Ducts Need to Be Cleaned When you turn on your air conditioner or heater, the air goes through the air ducts and out the vents.

14 April 2016

Importance of routine mechanical maintenance for your cooling tower


If your plant depends on a cooling tower as an evaporative cooling device, then it's imperative that you carry out routine mechanical services to keep the heat exchanger functioning at optimum so that there's less downtime and you're not using more energy than necessary. As a plant manager, cooling tower mechanical services by a qualified service team can bring efficiency to your plant through the following means. Shaft realignment and tooling  

14 April 2016