Fire Equipment You Want to Have at Home

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When you think of fire safety at home, chances are you think of your smoke detectors and perhaps a fire extinguisher near the kitchen and not much else. In truth, there are many things you can purchase to keep people safe from a fire in the home. Note a few suggestions that every homeowner or property manager might consider when it comes to fire equipment that can add to their safety and the safety of tenants.

1. Window ladders

For a home with bedrooms on the second floor, ask yourself how someone would escape the home if the flames or smoke cut off access to the stairs. Window ladders can be the best choice, especially for children who may panic when there is a fire. These typically hook over the windowsill and unfold to the first floor. Many are small and compact and can be kept in a bag or other container under the bed or elsewhere out of sight. It's good to have people practice using these when you get them so they can learn to unfold and hook them to the window and make their way safely to the first floor in case of a fire.

2. Sprinkler system

Commercial kitchens and other such buildings have sprinkler systems installed, as these switch on automatically when there is a fire; they can quickly and easily extinguish the blaze before anyone can reach a fire extinguisher. Many residential homes are now also adding sprinkler systems, either in the entire house or just in the kitchen or other areas of risk. These can be hooked into your standard plumbing may be installed in less time and for less cost than you might imagine.

3. A fire blanket

A fire blanket is used to smother fires; using a regular blanket or other such item can be ineffective, as the fibers of a standard blanket can actually be very flammable. If the blanket or other material is not woven tightly, this too won't allow it to actually smother the flames. A fire blanket is made of fireproof material that is woven very densely, to stop the flow of air to a fire. You can use a fire blanket to smother a fire anywhere, but it's especially good if someone has a sleeve or other clothing catch fire. Fire extinguishers can be harmful to a person's skin and eyes, and they may be too panicked to roll on the ground to extinguish the blaze.


4 August 2015

Energy efficiency in our school

It is important to let people know how much energy they are using with normal tasks around the school so they can make some sensible decisions about how they use appliances. We want to make sure that everyone at the school understands the focus on our usage and the effect that we can have on the environment, as well as the larger decision that the school is making such as motion-sensitive lights and replacing our energy-hogging older devices with new lower power using appliances. This blog talks about how to improve the energy efficiency of schools and will be useful for school administrators.