What Factors Can Affect the Volume of Bore Water?

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Bore water refers to water that is pumped from underground water sources after a borehole has been drilled. Many factors can negatively affect the volume of bore water in an area. This article discusses some of those factors that may be responsible for the drop in bore water volumes in your area.

If a New Bore Well is Drilled Nearby

One of the biggest reasons for dropping bore water volume is someone drilling another bore well nearby. That person would be tapping into the same water table as you so that means that the water in that water table will be depleted much faster than if it was being used by only one bore well.

Local Blasting

Another cause of changing water volumes in an area is rock blasting. For instance, if a road construction company starts blasting in the area in order to get rocks to use, that blasting activity will alter the geological make up of that area. The result of that change is that fissures through which water was flowing may be blocked and you will start getting less bore water. Conversely, the blasting may alter the slope of the underlying rocks and the result could be for water to flow away from your bore instead of towards it.

Seasonal Changes

Bore water volumes may also vary due to changes in seasons. For instance, bore water levels will be low during dry spells since the water being pumped out is not being replaced in the water table by rainfall. Such a water drop will remedy itself once the rains return so this drop is a temporal one.

Global Warming

The rate at which global warming is taking place can also permanently affect the bore water volumes in your well. As temperatures rise, the rate at which water evaporates is very high so the underground water reserves are not replenished at the same rate as the rate at which water from underground sources is pumped up. Consequently, the water table keeps getting lower and lower to the extent that you will begin to notice that the rate at which bore water is flowing from your well is constantly reducing.

If you have been noticing changes in the volume of bore water in your well, contact your preferred bore water drilling company so that they can send an expert like Bungendore Water Bores to confirm what exactly is causing the changes that you have noticed. It is from the data the expert collects that an appropriate remedy will be found.


16 March 2015

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